The vibrant quintet choreographs an intricate dance between metal and pop; employ a keytar on stage, and bring forward a positive, uplifting feeling to their music, running head-first into the endless parade of heavy bands who see the world in a different light. Voyager’s latest album Colours in the Sun exploded like a supernova onto the worldwide stage with their vivid, uplifting, and exhilarating music and live performance, capturing the excitement of existing fans and the intrigue of new ones from all around the world. Frontman Danny Estrin, a long-time Eurovision fanatic is not only an award-winning, multilingual lawyer by day, he also moonlights as a renowned and respected musician. Danny’s signature dose of ‘80s influenced vocals and hook-laden keytar lines over the top of genre-transfiguring, ultra-modern and prismatic hard rock has travelled the world many times over.