Jude York

Newcomer Jude York has arrived on the international music scene with surprising haste and a flurry of interest and activity around the refreshingly unique, 22 year-old, artist. As he starts to take his rightful place in the spotlight, he emerges with over 20 million streams already under his belt. Whilst releasing music under a variety of different projects, Jude York has honed his proficient skills as a singer, songwriter and producer. The results are breathtakingly beautiful, journey driven, musical delicacies.

“To think of my song being shared on such a monumental platform is truly mind-blowing. I wrote it with the amazing Billy Stonecipher about staying hopeful that dreams can come true. And now to have this opportunity as a queer artist in regional Queensland, I’ve never had a better reason to believe in that message! I can’t wait for everybody to hear this!”